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內部過濾器效果(IFE)如何影響螢光測量:A case study - Colloidal InP Quantum Dots

Find out why having absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy on the same instrument is important. Inner Filter Correction: Duetta and EzSpec software can apply corrections for inner-filter effect and provide more accurate data, for a wider range of sample concentrations. Duetta, QDs, Quantum Dots,

Introduction: During the last two decades, a great deal of attention has been focused on the optoelectronic properties of nanostructured semiconductors or Quantum Dots (QDs). QDs absorb over a broad range and have photoluminescence emission over a narrow range which can be tuned depending on the material from which the QD is made and the size of the QD. The applications of QDs continue to expand, i.e. in vivo imaging, light-emitting devices, photodetection or solar energy conversion.