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品牌: Horiba Instruments Incorp (HII)

應用: 光學量測


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Bring the microscope to your spectrometer!
Using a standard microscope for luminescence characterization often means inefficient fiber-optic coupling to a spectrometer, and difficult access for many sample configurations, such as side-emitting devices, or upright cryostats. Nor do standard microscopes offer flexibility for coupling multiple lasers for photoluminescence excitation.


The most versatile and cost effective microspectrometer for steady state and lifetime photoluminescence

MicOS, the latest in microscope spectrometers is a fully integrated, versatile and cost effective microscope spectrometer that combines a microscope head with a high-performance, triple grating, imaging spectrometer that can accommodate up to 3 different detectors.

  • Wide spectral coverage
  • Image camera for viewing sample
  • Down- or side-looking configurations
  • Multi-wavelength excitation
  • Flexible, customizable design
  • Affordable