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品牌: Oxford Instruments

應用: 食品生化環境工程化學工業 / 製程安全

X Pulse 科研型核磁共振儀及成像 60 MHz

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X Pulse 科研型核磁共振儀及成像 60 MHz

X-Pulse is a revolution in the flexibility of benchtop NMR. Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature with superior spectral resolution, X-Pulse lets you perform a wide range of experiments on the bench in your lab.

X-Pulse uses a 60MHz permanent magnet with high homogeneity and temperature stability making it easy to position in a lab and requires no liquid cryogens. X-Pulse may be used with either standard 5mm NMR tubes, or our easy-to-use flow cell.


The system is controlled by a new and improved version of our SpinFlow data acquisition software making it easier to perform routine experiments and more flexible than ever for advanced users.

Pulsed field gradients and shaped RF pulses are available as standard for coherence selection, selective excitation and water and solvent suppression.



  • Agriculture and Food
  • Automotive and Aviation
  • Chemicals
  • Phara
  • Polymers