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In case you miss it, fluorescence webinars are now on demand. fluorescence, duetta, fluolog, 螢光

由昇航獨家總代理的HORIBA公司將已舉辦的多場關於螢光的網路研討會(內容包括 A-TEEM molecular fingerprinting, the next generation of fluorometer for steady state and lifetimes, a 2-in-1 fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer)錄製成影片,供您隨時觀看。

A-TEEM™, a New Molecular Fingerprinting Technique based on Fluorescence and Absorption measurements: Some Successful Applications 

Presented by Dr. Alessia Quatela, HORIBA France

This webinar focuses on 3D fluorescence combined with simultaneous absorbance-transmittance spectroscopy. It is generally acknowledged that 3D fluorescence fingerprinting is suitable for recognition, classification or detection processes.
We show that the A-TEEM’s ability to acquire absorbance, transmittance and excitation-emission matrices simultaneously along with the ability to correct for inner filter effects provides a more quantitative method.

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Early warning detection of oil spills in source water with A-TEEM

Presented by: Dr. Linxi Chen, Product Specialist, HORIBA Scientific

Global drinking water sources remain prone to carcinogenic petroleum product contaminations due to lack of detection capacity at or before treatment plant intake. Optical detection of these compounds is challenging due to high background signals from natural and or man-made components. Further, while target contaminants may be regulated at low μg/L levels, conventional optical techniques are generally limited to mg/L detection ranges.

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The Next Generation of Lifetime and Steady State Fluorescence

The new Fluorolog-QM is the fourth generation of the world famous Fluorolog, all reflective, modular research spectrofluorometer. The Fluorolog-QM represents the culmination of decades of HORIBA’s industry-leading experience in development and manufacture of the highest sensitivity and greatest versatility of any commercial spectrofluorometer, while adding many new unique benefits. 

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Novel Methods and Applications of a 2-in-1 Fluorescence and UV-Visible Absorbance Spectrometer

Presenter: Dr. Karen Gall, Applications Scientist, Horiba

Duetta is a 2-in-1 scientific instrument offering both fluorescence and absorbance/transmittance spectra, and uses a multichannel CCD detector for fluorescence spectral acquisition. Because this instrument is such a new and unique configuration of fluorometer/spectrometer, it enables measurement of fluorescence spectra and kinetics as well as UV-visible absorbance and transmittance spectra and kinetics, in ways that traditional single channel PMT-based fluorometer detection cannot.

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NIR, Phosphorescence and Upconversion with the Fluorolog-QM 

Presented by: Dr. Alex Siemiarczuk, Principal Scientist, HORIBA Scientific

This presentation will focus mainly on Materials Science applications and will include the use of the unique Single Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) technique for time-resolved PL in a broad spectral range, including NIR with the use of solid-state detectors. It will discuss merits of various excitation sources and detector combinations including an OPO laser with NIR photodiodes. We will also address PL upconversion, both steady-state and time-resolved, as well as PLQY measurements in the NIR.

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